About This Must Have Ultimate Upgrade!

This Exclusive Upgrade allows you to Upgrade to the Highest Top End library the Platinum Library where you will get 3 times more assets and 10 times more updates!

The Platinum Library is the ultimate upgrade that will takes your membership to a whole new level, the Platinum Library features another ten of thousands more unique dynamic animation slides and new assets are also being added more regularly to the Platinum Library in fact you will receive 10 times more updates with the Platinum Library!

Why the Platinum Library is the Must Upgrade?

The Platinum Library is 3 times larger than the current library you are subscribed to and offer another immense selection of unique dynamic animation slides, you will be spoilt with the amount of animation slides that you will get in the Platinum Library. (In fact there are another more than 10,000 unique animation slides in the platinum library)

A lot more updates! Not only you will get another MASSIVE selection of animation slides, the Platinum Library also receives 10 times more updates when compared to the current library.

With the Platinum Library you are all set for the future as you will be getting access to all these new animation slides that will be added to the Platinum Library too.

Commercial rights included, with commercial license you can use these dynamic animation slides for your client’s project at no additional fees!

Preview some of the dynamic animation slides that you will be Getting in the Platinum Library below:







































































































































and many more!

What you see above is only a tiny fraction of what you will get in the library, There Are Another Ten Of Thousands More Unique Animation Slides in The Platinum Library waiting for you!

recap of what you will get with the Platinum library upgrade:


Unlimited access and downloads to the Platinum Library where you will find 3 times more unique ever-growing dynamic animation slides. (Total 10,000+ More Animation Slides)

The Platinum library receives 10 times more updates and you have access to all these future updates too!
Commercial/Agency license included at no extra charge! Use these animation slides to create unlimited digital media for your clients.

The Platinum Library is also a cloud-based library with all animation slides sorted and keyworded for easy browsing so you can find what you want easily via our online library.

upgrade and get access to the platinum library now!

Monthly Membership

Power Slide Platinum Monthly

* Monthly recurring, you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

One Time Payment

Power Slide Platinum OneTime Payment

* One time payment, no future recurring fees.

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